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General Reservations
• You may reserve up to two (2) characters at a time.

• Your reservation will be held for one (1) week, from the time a mod approves your reservation. The expiration date of your reserve will be specified, and will last until 11:59pm EST of the date specified.

• You are welcome to ask for an extension on your reserve (unless your reserve has been challenged). This will extend your reserve for one (1) extra week. We allow one extension per reserved character. As of September 2011, If you wish to extend your reserve, please make a request before it expires. Once your reserve expires, it will be deleted from the list of current reserves.

Please use this code when posting your reservation:

Reserve Challenges
We are now accepting Reserve Challenges! Once a reserve has been placed, you may challenge that reserve and apply for the same character. There are a few rules that apply:

• There is no limit as to how many people can challenge a reserve.

• Any reserves that are challenged will have the same expiration date as the initial reserve. If you wish to challenge a reserve, you must abide by the expiration date that was given to the first reserver.

• If a reserve is challenged, there will be no extensions for any reserve.

All applications are due by the expiration date, by 11:59pm EST. Any applications submitted after the expiration date will not be eligible for the application challenge.

If you would like to challenge a reservation, please use this code:

Current Reserves:


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